Occupational health service

Occupational health service “Sanico Trade” Ltd

♦ Occupational health service
► Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the health status of workers in relation to working conditions
► Organizing periodic medical examinations and tests ;
► Analysis of the results of periodic medical examinations and tests ;
► Notification of the relevant GP about diseases or abnormal physiological indicators of workers who need diagnostics or treatment;
► Drawing a conclusion about the suitability of the employee to perform a type of work ;
► Preparation of annual aggregate analyzes of the health status of workers in relation to working conditions;
►Preparation and / or maintenance of health records to track the health status of each employee in relation to working conditions.

♦ Assessment of occupational health risk and safety of workers
► Preparation of internal documents relating to the procedure for risk assessment;
► Preparation of maps for occupational risk assessment;
► Development of measures to prevent, eliminate, reduce and manage the identified risk.
► Provide information to employees about the risks associated with the work;
► Development of physiological regimes of work and rest.

♦ Training for Safety and Health at Work
► Initial and annual training of members of the committee on working conditions;
► Training of officials who lead and manage work processes, specialists in health and safety at work, those briefing on safety and health at work;
► Organizing and conducting training on the rules of first aid, self-help and mutual assistance.

♦ Assistance in completion of the declaration under Art. 15 of the Law on Health and Safety at Work
♦ Review of the available documentation in the area of health and safety at work regarding its compliance with existing regulations and update as necessary
♦ Preparation / updating of internal documents related to the conduct of instruction and training as required by the Ordinance № RD-07-2 on the conditions and procedures for conducting periodic training and instruction to employees according to the rules to ensure health and safety of work
♦ Preparation of rules, instructions for safe work

Occupational health service "Sanico Trade" Ltd