Occupational health service “Sanico Trade” Ltd

Occupational health service to “SANICO TRADE” LTD is established and successfully operates more than 13 years. Registered in the Ministry of Health in 2002 and was registered under the Law on health and safe working conditions with the certificate № 003-3 / 07.02.2012, the
Occupational health service serves enterprises in the following economic activities:
 Education;
 Health;
 Veterinary activities;
 Office administrative and support activities;
 Government;
 Production of chemical products;
 Fabricated metal products;
 Production of furniture;
 Manufacture of food products;
 Land transport;
 Trade;
 Security business.

In the Occupational Health Service employs highly qualified professionals and consultants with many years of practical and administrative experience in the field of occupational medicine, occupational health and safety, hazardous chemical substances and mixtures.

Occupational health service "Sanico Trade" Ltd